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Cozumel Restaurant Guide with up to date information & facts about excellent restaurants in Cozumel.
Tips and Hints, Cocina Economicas, Seafood Restaurants, Mexican Cuisine, Vegetarian Food, International Dishes.

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Cozumel Restaurant Guide

gives you detailed information and facts about nice restaurants on the island Cozumel.
The city San Miguel is the home of hundreds of Cozumel restaurants.
Every single restaurant has its own dining special and ambience, it is almost impossible to visit all of them in one vacation.
Cozumel restaurants offer a huge variety of different cuisines and food....
Go out for breakfast, lunch or dinner but look first for extraordinary quotes, cuisines and dishes here in Cozumel Restaurant Guide.

cozumel chef Find out about specials and detailed information for your romantic dinner at night.
Guidos, La Cocay, Prima Trattoria

Enjoy one of the mexican cantinas on a saturday afternoon with botanas (snacks)
and mexican live music.
Very famous on sundays is the asian restaurant Chi with their special asian dishes.
We also recomend the Fish Restaurant La Perlita for the best fish recipes on the island.

Most Hotels on the island have their own delicious hotel restaurants where visitors should go to have
a nice dinner even if they are not staying there for their holiday.

For food loving Traveler`s who arrive the island with an cruise ship for just one day or a couple of hours, it might be a little bit difficult to find information about the excellent cuisine in Cozumel.

That`s why we publish this Guide to everybody for free.

We recommend the most famous mexican Grandma Restaurant "Sabores" wich is to find in the 5th avenue in downtown Cozumel.

The Cozumel Restaurant Guide provides everybody with tips and hints, including a list of phone numbers of nearly all restaurants in downtown, up to date information about new and old restaurants, restaurants stories, specials, dishes and plates plus an interactive live map.

Find out about beach-, wine- and seafood restaurants and of course original "cocina economicas" real Cozumelenian restaurants that are a must see for every traveler.

Search our pages with the search engine on the right side, get detailed lists with information out of Cozumel restaurants guide and much more.

Cozumel Restaurant Guide is managed by locals and gives everybody current news and quotes offered by restaurants on the island. The team of Cozumel Restaurant Guide is trying to present you - as a welcome visitor - the best information and news of all restaurants in Cozumel.

Restaurants Cozumel
dishes and plates!

This section of the Cozumel Restaurant Guide is for suggestions what type of dishes restaurants are offering.
dishes and plates

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Cozumel restaurant guide offers news and facts about restaurants in Cozumel. Our team is always interested in news, concerts or special offers. We use this blog to promote the Restaurant Guide.
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Special Feature - Restaurant Games and Fun!

Have a good time visiting & exploring this Restaurant Guide.
For your dining pleasure Cozumel restaurants has up-to-date information of almost all kind of cuisines.
Come in and have a look...

Restaurants Top Stories

Cozumel chef

About the Chef:

Emily is a classically trained French chef. She did her training at the French Culinary Institute in New York City, and has apprenticed at a number of French and New American restaurants in the United States, in New York and New Jersey.

Restaurant ?LA PERLITA?

tips for ironmans and womans

and is celebrating their 21th anniversary.

  • Become part of it and take care of the reefs in Cozumel.
  • Eat LIONFISH this week
  • (11 ? 14,09,2010)
  • and get a 20% !!! discount!

Cozumelenians are organizing help for Haiti
restaurant stories

The Lionfish recipes in Cozumel restaurants

Cozumel Restaurant Guide
Tips and Hints:

Find great deals on
Playa del Carmen Packages
for your upcoming Mexico vacation.

Ferry cozumel

Our Island has three diferent ferry companys

  • Transcaribe Car ferry
  • Mexico Ferry
  • Ultramar Ferry

Transportation on the island:

There are about 400 Taxis in Cozumel, before you jump in, we recommend that you ask for the price in advance.
visit the oficial
Cozumel Taxistas Homepage

Local Restaurant Information

Best Restaurant View

mediteranean cuisine

Mexican Cuisine what is it?

the mexican cuisine

Empanada Restaurants
and more

What are Empanadas...

Taco-Taco-Taco Restaurants

What are Tacos...

The best mexican Food

What are Tamales...

Ernestos Fajita Factory

What are Fajitas...

Restaurant Guide
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Restaurants Special Offers

Mama Linda
mexican restaurant

The Bob Marley bars
bob marley bars cozumel

Asian Restaurant "Chi"
offers the best family buffet in the city Cozumel
asian cuisine

Restaurant La Perlita with
the best lionfish dishes in Cozumel
lion fish restaurants

Restaurant Guidos
print out this coupon and get
a free half pitcher Sangria
with the purchase of 2 main courses

guidos print coupon

Restaurant and Bar "Tiki Tok"

restaurant tiki tok

Restaurant " Guidos"

Guidos Daily Specials...

New Restaurants

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Restaurant Events

Cozumel Restaurant Guidos
  • "Jazz" como siempre el Jueves de 07.30 a 10.30 pm.

Restaurant Guide Team

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